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Limit Your Liability

Unlike many others in this profession, CCFM is a certified, licensed, and insured company. It is highly recommended that client's ensure that they are hiring a reputable company in order to fully protect their service investments, safety, and their property. We advise client's to always apply this practice, of verifying credentials, when hiring any contractors in any industry.


What this means for you!

Wildfire mitigation and tree services are considered to be a highly skilled profession that should always be handled by trained professionals. We strive to only employ the best of our trade, with high levels of experience, training, certification, and qualification. Through our business license, certifications, and insurance policies, you can guarantee that we are verified experts of our trade, operating at the highest capacity of professionalism.

One of the biggest risk that client's face is hiring non-licensed, non-certified, and uninsured companies, that secure projects by underbidding services. Client's that utilize these contractors, put themselves at serious legal and financial risk, and could possibly be held liable for all medical and legal claims upon any accidental occurrence. CCFM mitigates this burden by carrying a $2 million insurance policy to cover the crew working, the project site, and any impacts to client assets should any incident/accident occur.

In addition, we invest in our crews by providing efficient personal protective equipment, proper training, proper equipment, workman's compensation policies, and much more! To date, CCFM has zero record of occurrences, and zero record of employee injury.


Safety is our number one priority on every job, large or small. While working with our team, we will ensure a safe and controlled working zone at all times, while keeping pets, livestock, children, client's, and visitors, clear of hazardous work zones. We look forward to safely providing service to you!

Click the link to learn what the Colorado State Forest Service suggests when choosing your forestry contractor!

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