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Meet Our Team

The People Behind the sawdust.


CCFM Owner/Operator/Consultant

As company owner, Danielle has several college degrees. Danielle manages company operations both in the field, and behind the scenes, marketing, social media, financials, consulting, event planning, trainings, crew lead, & much more. 

"As the owner, I strive to create a one of a kind experience when you hire CCFM. We are setting the standard for contractors within our industry, and I truly prioritize our client experience. I strive to create a successful operation, while keeping our crew, and spectators safe in the process." 

 - Danielle


CCFM Owner/Operator

As company owner, Robert has over a decade of combined-experience in both wildland and structure firefighting. Robert manages the company's operations in the field and oversees all project sites as the primary crew lead.

"Adapting to climate change and wildfires is not an individual responsibility, we as a community carry the weight to understand our wildfire risk and mitigate that risk. As owner of CCFM, I strive to provide quality mitigation or tree service, that looks good and offers you, your home, or business a fighting chance against wildfires."

- Robert

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Certified Sawyers & Mitigation Technicians

At CCFM we always put our clients first - which means only hiring the most qualified, passionate, safety minded, and skilled individuals.


ALL tree fallers on our crew are certified sawyers and the majority are certified wildland/structure firefighters, meaning one thing - they all have a passion for this line of work!


You can rest assured that each crew member working on your property is skilled, knowledgeable and completing the job safely, as certified to do so.


Certified Sawyers & Mitigation Technicians

Interested in joining the CCFM crew? Connect with us to inquire about job openings. Full & part-time options are available.

Our line of work is seasonal, and our crew(s) generally operate from early spring - late fall (weather dependent).  Resumes can be emailed to:, please include complete contact information and two professional references.

We look forward to hiring YOU!

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