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CCFM strives to achieve wildfire mitigation within the community, through means of various mitigation techniques. Our company is blessed to be able to provide the services listed below! As you review the services that we provide, please feel free to connect with us should you have any questions. 


Wildfire Mitigation

Enhance fuels reduction by removing/reducing vegetation & trees, while enhancing defensible space. 

Did we mention that we have methods to mitigate steep and limited access terrain that cannot be mechanically treated? 


Hazard Tree Removal

Accident prevention is key to protecting your assets. Our team can identify compromised trees and mitigate the hazard, prior to the tree becoming a potential disaster.


This task can be very dangerous, and therefore requires the highest level of expertise and precision.


Storm Damage & Emergency

We are experiencing harsher than normal weather conditions, and these changes can impact our trees.


Trees can fail and require emergency removal, or storm damage cleanup. Our team is prepared 24/7 to assist during difficult times!


Firewood/Log Sales

As a service to our community, we repurpose woody products as they become available. If you are in search of logs, log decks, or firewood, connect with us to see what we may have available! 

We generally have both seasoned and non-seasoned (green and dry) wood available. 


Tree Service

Tree health matters to obtain a healthy forest and tree stand. We'll look for signs of stress, weakness, trauma, disease, and much more.


We'll gauge the health of your trees, and provide professional recommendations for necessary tree service. 


Climbing Services

Each tree and its growth structure  is unique, meaning, some trees may require a custom service plan, some more technical than others.


Therefore, we offer safe climbing services for those trees that need a bit more expertise and equipment for safe treatment, prune, or removal.


Stump Grinding

We utilize powerful machinery to grind and remove stumps down to a pile of mulch. 

Many clients opt into stump grinding if a stump presents itself in a heavily trafficked location, or within an area being that is anticipated for developed.



Grant writing, emergency management, fire mitigation assessment, forest management plans, and much more.


We provide concise consulting to achieve the highest level of professional document development, that captures Federal, State, Local, and Tribal requirements.


Tree Thinning

Feeling "choked in" with too many trees? Thinning your trees promotes healthier tree stands, allowing trees to flourish in more ways than one!


Our team consists of certified sawyers, we are fit for your thinning task!



We offer forestry mastication to reduce fuels within accessible and suitable terrain.

Not all areas of terrain can accommodate this method of mitigation, however, we can determine the best method of treatment for your project!


Wood Chipping

We offer chipping services to quickly manage woody products. Woodchips can be broad-cast on-site, hauled off-site, or delivered to torepurpose the woodchips into mulch material.


If you are interested in a load of woodchips, connect with us to see what we may have available.


Additional Services

Is a service that you're in search of not listed? Feel free to connect with us to inquire about your specific service needs or desires.

While our website provides an overview of several services that we can provide, we are very flexible and are always adapting to meet the needs of our clients!

Schedule a FREE site assessment!

We understand that Fire Mitigation or Tree Service may be new, difficult to understand, and in many cases, overwhelming, but rest assured, we're here for you! To begin, please submit the requested information below.


We will contact you to schedule your FREE site assessment. We will walk the property with you to best understand your service needs, property desires, and grant requirements (if you are participating in a particular grant project). Post in-person assessment, we will email a professional bid for service, accompanied by an explanation of service to be completed and project start dates. 

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